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Christmas around the world

Estonians eat pork and blood sausages...And drink hot wine...and then...then all the above get outside and break the lights at the Christmas trees.
Well atleast I finally got a reply!

Well sounds like the youth of Estonia are totally bored & not going to get anything but coal from Santa!

(blood sausage?-dare I ask?)

Mama San

My family gets together, all in the same place, at the same time!
Since we have such a large family, that is a feat in itself! LOL!!!
Good food, family members, along with extended family members
create a most beautiful day!
The most presious and important gift that we all receive is the knowledge that Jesus Christ was born on this day, otherwise, there would be no Christmas!
God bless,
Mama san
Christmas is a day for my very stretched out family around the world to get in touch and share the blessing of Christmas. Many of my family are former med and nursing students (my step children). Some are military with very uncertain futures. It's a day we try to put everyone in a joyful mood and pray together for peace on earth.
I shou;ld hope that this family who meets here will be happy for Christmas too. So here's to a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2003 to all of you!