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Collectors Issue: Martial Arts Legends Presents: For Sale


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I hope this does not 'break' forum rules.
Martial Arts Legends Presents(June 1998)
Shigemichi Take, Shihan
Steven Seagal
The Spiritual Warrior Who Prospered on the Island of Budo

scan of my personal copy index page

The whole issue is 100 pages about Seagal...
in between ads at the beginning(before index) and at the end...
it is 100 pages minimum dedicated to Steven Seagal.
This the bookend magazine to the '94' issue( I do NOT have that in mint condition),
together they are about as close to a 200 page book on Seagal there is.
The focus is on Seagal and Aikido...not any of the gossip crap in the 2-3 page articles
in the magazines that feature Seagal on the cover....even those go for $10 and up and they offer no insight at all.
Contrary to what the cover says....
I only counted total 97 pics, I don't know where they got the 'hundreds on pics' thing from.
$100.00(US) plus postage to be sent 1st class USPS certified return reciept.
US Postal MO only as to I can cash it and send at the same time there.
Magazine will be shipped still in plastic liner with outer cardboard
and in padded 'flat' DO NOT BEND envelope.
OK...here's the story...
back in '98 when I still had my
'Steven Seagal & The Martial Arts' site,
there was an error by the publisher when
trying to purchase a copy of this magazine after they had all been sold out at newsstands.
In response to their mistake they sent 6 'mint' copies to makeup for it.
The 6 copies were directly from the publisher, never touched a news stand,
and had been kept in plastic liners. The only one that was actually
read and used for scans,etc. is my personal copy.
Over the years 2 got sold and 2 were given as gifts.
I have one left in the 'mint' condition I want to sell.
check on-line and all you will find are 'used' copies of varied quality
going for anywhere from $10 and up.
This last one I have hasn't even been thumbed thru, the pages themselves never saw the light of day.
If interested you can PM here. I have been around here at he various incarnations of the Steven Seagal forum.
Some of us 'older' members even remember the old Steven Seagal forum when the 1st official Seagal site went up back in
the late 90's to promote 'Exit Wounds'.
PS: Yes...I normally wouldn't sell and just hang on to it,
but as with many of us, times are tough and I could use the money.