Contacting the Military for Christmas

Amos Stevens

New Member
Someone passed on this info to me...

Please remember:

1. Those in the military will not be home with their families this

2. With world events as they are, these men and women think about
their futures very differently than the rest of us.

3. They are there, prepared to fight and prepared to suffer and die,
so we can have our lives and dreams here.

This means all of you taking time to remember them. And there are
three simple ways you can choose to do this:

1. You can record a message that may get replayed over to the troops (see instructions at

2. You can send an Email via that might be read to
the troops (see instructions at

3. Or you can simply add your name to the 2,461,854 people who have
signed a petition thanking our members of the US armed forces for
protecting America by going to