Cool Black Belt Magazine article on Steven Seagal and Haruo Matsuoka


Gave me some insights I hadn't known about Steven and his faithful student. Link to 2014 article.

"You can try to simply turn and face the first problem that comes to you, but then you’ll be overcome by all the other issues you aren’t engaging. “In randori, you must continuously position yourself in such a way that all your attackers have to line up to get to you. When you do that, you can handle them one at a time with finesse without compromising your safety. In aikido, harmony is not static; it’s dynamic. "In the same way, life is not static. You have to constantly reassess your situation, constantly check your priorities and what you are doing to engage them.” - H.M.
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But they had split and aren´t in contact for many years. They aren´t friends anymore because according to Haruo his teacher(Seagal) has changed since they met and he didn´t mean that positively.