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Cubanfan. 27Jan05@2315hrs.

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I'm dissapointed in you my friend. I saw you in the chatroom and stopped by to say Hello. As soon as I heard my login finish up, I heard you go away. Oh well, I guess you and me are not pal's ay? Sorry you wish it to be that way. I was just gonna say hello and share my midgets in lingerie and monkeys in thongs websites with you.
Take care and God Bless.
Good luck in Cuba, dodging Castro, I guess I wouldn't wonna talk to many either.
Hey Cuban, Rooster, Cuban would have never done that intentional, he is a very good guy and comes with high references(he is endorsed by a Lollipop)! You two would enjoy a chat! Hope you can work it out!!
Thanks Lollipop. I think everything is Ok. I just can not stand hurting people`s feelings. And if I am on this site is just to make new and everlasting friends.

Don`t worry, I did already explain to Rooster what happened: he entered the chat just when I was leaving. I have very few skill on these `modern`things of the chat. We, the samurais, belong to ald ages.

And where could I find a better reference than in Lollipop?

Not open for further replies.