Dalai Lama Banned From Peace Conference in S.A.

So Sad to hear that the Dalai Lama was banned from the Peace Conference, in Johannasburg South Africa, this week with China. They are afraid it will cause problems with China, who they do the largest amount of trading with.... What ashamed it is that money is more important than peace and the very life of human beings!!! We must remember them in prayer, that their hearts will be changed, so the Dalai Lama can visit....

Love Always Your Sister,
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Cheryl D.

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Hi there all,

Cheryl from South Africa.

You will be hearing many, many, many raised voices in protest. The nation in general thinks it is a disgrace and perhaps this time we will be heard. It is two weeks away from election time and you know the usual, lets please the people.

South Africans (Of all colour) are asking if China is actually running our country.

This Peace initiative has got nothing whatsoever to do with China and has been arranged by the National Professional Soccer League. China chipped in and said they did not think it was a good idea to encourage the Dalai and, with China becoming one of our major trade partners, the government (Dept. of Home Affairs who deals with the visas) dragged their heels until it was actually too late.

Also remember that soccer is the national sport of this country with millions, yes I mean millions, of avid fans and this peace initiative has been orgainised by the Professional Soccer League to assist us with the Confederation Cup which is being held here in June and the Soccer World Cup which we are hosting in 2010.

Our ArchBishop Tutu, who is extremely outspoken, is outraged at this matter and this man is held in the greatest regard (second only to Nelson Mandela) and I think he is going to be rather hard hitting and will swing the matter.

Let us see if I am right and a whole lot of "special"visas, entry docs etc don not suddenly materialise.

Blessed be to all
Thank You So Much, Cheryl!

Thank you so much, Cheryl, for all this information! I know people who I haven't seen in years from Johannasburg, SA; Durban, SA and Kababwe Zambia! One is a preacher, from Johannasburg... one is A preacher..him and his wife run an orphanage and shelter for women and children in Durban; and one is a School teacher in Kababwe.... I use to write to a missionary in Nirobi Kenya, when I was 8. When I was 8 that LORD it on my heart to pray for Kenya, Sudan and South Africa.... I still do. I also wrote to President Jimmy Carter about helping with an Idea I had for helping with the hunger problem In Africa, I saw on the news... He actually wrote me back and thanked me for my idea.... Since then I have written several poems about encouraging Peace.... I will send them to you in a private PM, if you like. Your country and Peace has always been on my heart, from a Young age! Take care my Sister! You and your country are ALWAYS in my prayers and in my Heart! (E-Ked-Yoh-Leef my Sister)! I know a little Afrikans and some Swahilli, have a Bible and Dictionary in Swahilli, Know a CHRISTian Song in Swahili, and a few phrases in Nigearian....

Love Always Your Sister INFINITY,
Stacey :yin:

Cheryl D.

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Hi there Stacey,

Please send me that pm!!!!!!!

A quick update on what has happened.
Nelson Mandela and all the other Nobel Winners who we to be present have withdrawn and the PSL have asked that the Government re-think the issue. The Government is giving the pathetic excuse that the Peace Conference should be around South Africa and should the Dalai attend, it will centre it more on Tibet. I have never heard such utter rubbish in my life. They have forgotten how quickly they asked the Dalai to visit our country before (and after) we had the first democratic elections (1994) when the apartheid government was ousted. Now suddenly, China seems to have all the say and their human rights record is even worse than Zimbabwe and that is saying something.

ArchBishop Tutu publicly declared on the news this morning that he ïs ashamed of his country and there are many that feel the same. Up to this point, I have been very proud to call myselfa South African for all that we have achieved over the past 13/14 years and this has destroyed the national pride of a lot of people.

Blessed be and go in peace
Thank You Cheryl!

Thank You so much for the update, Cheryl! I am going to send you a PM of one of my poems, for you to give your government for me. I hope it will help... if not, I tried! I actually have 2 poems to send you but I misplace my Poetry folder and do not have the other one memorized like I do this one that I wrote when I was 16.

Love Always Your Sister Infinity,
Stacey :yin:


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This kind of closed mindedness reminds me of the time a friend of mine was worried for my soul because she thought Buddha was evil.