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Deadly Assassin - next part of TJ series released in UK (cover)


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Personally I'm not interested in more True Justice. I like a few of them, but they get boring really quickly. I prefer his movies :)


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Is this the final one?
It probably is. In the UK, they didn't release the episodes in the right order. But Dead Drop was episodes 9 and 10. So it seems Deadly Assassin is the final one.

By the way is it true that there still are some TJ episodes / movies that still aren't released in the UK (from Season 1 for example). Because I lost track...


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I know Seagalzilla. I am from Holland and we got the same releases as Germany (from Splendid). In Holland every movie is released. I looked at the German Splendidwebsite and it seems that there are still some movies to be released in Germany.
Hi DiDa, then I am more proud to have you as a neighbour! Awesome!

Yes, Splendid released TRUE JUSTICE Season 1 here completely, but Season 2 was released by them according to my research only released at your side and Belgium.

I contacted Splendid in the past 12x Times, but they never replied. They refused to answer, why Germany isn't getting Season 2 as you did. When I get enough money I will purchase either the UK ones or the R4 package.

Only a little question, if you don't mind. As a little child I was taught in school that "Holland" is not accepted by your national identity. Netherlands always Netherlands, is this true?

I just want to polite and politcal correct.