Dear Steven Seagal


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Dear, Steven Seagal, King of Fraudsters and Huckster for Violent World Dictators,

I hope the world can see what a fraud you are now, no wonder Hollywood and the rest of America doesn't want you. Despite your outwardly image as some world peace advocate, and the fact that for whatever insane reason you got recognized as some kind of Buddhist holyman, you have cozied up with some of the world's most violent and evil dictators. Your best pal Vlad is on a one-way mission for world domination and you're too busy getting sucked off by Russian hookers you've chained up in your Kremlin penthouse closet. What a traitor to the world, and to the cause of peace and humanity. But when the free world stops caring about your fat ass and ceases to worship you, I guess third-rate dictators will do.

It all makes sense to run away and hide in Russia when you've been exposed for being a phony martial artist with no real fighting skills, a washed-up, one-note action star who never had any acting skills to begin with, a sexual predator and deviant, fake cop, a terrible musician who can't play worth a damn and needs an entire entourage of skill blues players to even sound halfway decent, what else am I missing?

Oh yeah, and what's up with those terrible fake accents. I guess it's hard to keep track of your own ethnicity when it changes from week to week. What are you this week, Russian Mongol? Or was it Italian, Native-American, Russian Jew, or Louisiana Creole...?

Forums dedicated to you like this one have always amusing to me, to see the last dying breaths of a community centered around a fat, washed-up egotistical Hollywood dropout. Even Steven's own fanbase has largely abandoned him, because he makes terrible movies and doesn't give a flying s*** about his own fanbase.

I'll smile as you fade into obscurity and irrelevancy, Mr. Seagal. The only thing you will be remembered for now is being the buddy of a violent bloodthirsty dictator, a sexual predator of women, fraudster, and one of the worst actors of the 21st century. I look forward to never hearing from you again.


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I'm not sure Mr. S will get your message mate, but I'm glad you got it off your chest!
Thanks. Very therapeutic.

The fact that this post has been able to stay up this long is further proof Seagal has completely lost his fanbase. It’s hard to defend someone who is best buddies with a dictator the entire world hates right now.