Did Seagal Knock Out Gary Busey's Teeth? (About Time If He Didn't.)

Mel Del Soto

New Member
I woke up this morning and my wife asked me if Seagal actually knocked out Gary Busey's teeth. Busey has definitely had dental work, but I had no idea. Particularly, I had no idea if they'd ever starred in a movie together. From what I know, Seagal doesn't shmooze with Hollywood types. If he hadn't been on a set with Busey, I'd say it was unlikely, e.g. it wouldn't have happened at a bar or a softball match. That said, Busey has definitely had his teeth knocked out. Probably on more than one occasion. I wasn't sure if this belonged in a martial arts thread or a movie thread. I opted for a martial arts thread because Seagal would have used m.a. to knock GB's teeth out.