Favorite Seagal movies - Direct-to-Video films (1990s/2000s)

Which are your favorite Seagal direct-to-video movies (1990s/2000s) ?

  • The Foreigner (2003)

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  • Out for a Kill (2003)

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  • Out of Reach (2004)

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  • Submerged (2005)

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  • Today You Die (2005)

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  • Mercenary for Justice (2006)

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  • Shadow Man (2006)

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  • Attack Force (2006)

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  • Flight of Fury (2007)

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  • Kill Switch (2008)

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  • Against the Dark (2009)

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Which of the Seagal movies, that were released direct-to-video in the US in the 2000s decade, are your favorites?

Unfortunately, I had to split the direct-to-video era in half (separated in decades), beause of the response limit of 20 in the polls. Maybe we could make a poll later separately among the most-favorited "direct-to-video"-era movies.

I included "The Patriot" (1998) in this list, since it was the only Seagal movie in the 1990s, that was released direct-to-video.

To match the response limit of 20 in the poll, I excluded the movies "Ticker" (2001), "Clementine" (2004) and "The Onion Movie" (2008), where he wasn't credited as lead actor.

Please vote for your 3 favorite movies in the poll, and share your opinions.
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Urban Justice, pistol whipped, and driven to kill. Urban Justice is just old school Seagal, badass fights, pistol whipped he played a really interesting character mixed with some really good fights, and driven to kill has some of his most brutal moments.

Same here. I also like A Dangerous Man.


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Black Dawn, Urban Justice and Driven to Kill. I enjoyed Black Dawn because it was more of an espionage thriller than straight action, which was a bit different. Driven to Kill was one of Seagal's best DTV films, mixing good action with an attempt at a bit of characterization. But Urban Justice is my favorite; well made, good action with some brutal hand to hand, and the revenge plot is always a good way to go when writing a Seagal script. Plus, I've enjoyed all the films Fauntleroy has directed. Mercenary for Justice almost edged out Black Dawn. (And I almost voted for Attack Force, just to be ornery :p).