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Favorite Seagal movies - Direct-to-Video films (2010s)

Which are your favorite Seagal direct-to-video movies (2010s) ?

  • Force of Execution (2013)

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  • Sniper: Special Ops (2016)

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  • The Asian Connection (2016)

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  • The Perfect Weapon (2016)

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  • China Salesman (2017)

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  • General Commander (2019)

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Which of the Seagal movies, that were released direct-to-video in the US in the 2010s decade, are your favorites?

Unfortunately, I had to split the direct-to-video era in half (separated in decades), beause of the response limit of 20 in the polls. Maybe we could make a poll later separately among the most-favorited "direct-to-video"-era movies.

Excluded are the series "True Justice" (2010-2012) and the movie "Gutshot Straight" (2014), where he wasn't credited as leading actor (in some later movies he wasn't a leading actor too, however, he mostly was credited as such).

Please vote for your 3 favorite movies in the poll, and share your opinions.

lee nicholson

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I voted for:

Not because they're masterpieces, but I enjoyed them the most out of the list. Had the list gone back further, I'm sure DRIVEN TO KILL or URBAN JUSTICE would have replaced my last 2 choices? :)
As it stands, I've enjoyed most of his movies from 2010 onwards, anyhow (some more than his theatrical run)
I voted for attrition, contract to kill, and end of a gun. Attrition had a good budget and a good performance from Seagal. It's a movie that definitely grew on me. Contract to kill had some good fights and end of a gun was easy to follow plus I liked the knife fight at the end.
Born to Raise Hell, Absolution and Cartels. All were action films with straight-forward plots. Production values were good for the budgets involved, and I'm partial to the Romanian locations (I know I'm in the minority there ;)). That said, there is small difference between these three and most of the others; to a large degree they all sort of run together. Attrition and Perfect Weapon get a mention because they broke the mold of the other films, but Seagal was not in PW that much, and Attrition, although I enjoyed it, seemed to lack cohesion.


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For me Born To Raise Hell, Attrition and Absolution!
Same here.
Unfortunately these are also the only decent movies since 2010 in my opinion.
Looking back, I think too much time was wasted with the True Justice series, especially since that series never got a proper ending. They should have made movies instead, for example "The Tip of the Spear" and others Seagal wanted to make.
As a few have said, Absolution and Attrition, although both have many flaws, and I've watched Code of Honour a few time on dvd and really like it, it's just a bit of a shame that with a little more money behind it and effort, it could have been a lot better made.


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I will have to watch them again. Right now I am watching some of his older dtv's and it's strange how my opinion regarding some of his movies has changed.
Maximum Conviction - remember it being hyped up as an actual movie after a few years of True Justice mediocrity and it was an anti-climax, especially from a Seagal and Austin combo. Too much pointless build-up, mundane dialogue and the fights were nothing to write home about.
Felt like a low-rent Half Past Dead with none of the charm.

Absolution - had a couple of watchable fights towards the end but up to that point was just more of the same.

Code of Honor - one of very few recent Seagal DTVs I actually really like. The story was decent and it was something DIFFERENT after years and years of Seagal and Waxman. Enjoyed it more than End of a Gun, Contract to Kill, A Dangerous Man, Maximum Conviction and Force of Execution put together. The music was good, supporting cast was decent, the Seagal-less fight in the club was really good and enjoyed the knife-fight towards the end. Only drawbacks were the horrid CGI blood and fakey fire effects but we can't have everything.
Really enjoyed the Seagal / Tyson fight in China Salesman but as soon as it became obvious Seagal wasn’t in the rest of the film I got bored and turned it off.
Despite them obviously not being in the same scene it was rather enjoyable and if i recall correctly he did have a few more scenes later into the film (probably the same amount of screen time in films as Gutshot Straight, Perfect Weapon or Beyond the Law) The rest of the film isn't anything great but it did have some decent action scenes and in comparison the quality is allot better than most of his recent output.
Gutshot Straight was another I kind of gave up on as he was barely in the film.

Perfect Weapon he's probably in a bit more and the film was at least moderately interesting.

Beyond the Law he's in a few scenes, probably more so than any of the above, but the film was just so boring and unengaging. So parts were so quiet and dull I felt like I was watching B-roll that shouldn't have made it into the film.