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Favorite Seagal movies - theatrical films

Which are your favorite Seagal theatrical movies?

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Which of the Seagal movies, that were released in theaters in the US, are your favorites? Not included are the movies "Executive Decision" (1996) and "Machete" (2010), where he wasn't the lead actor.

Please vote for your 3 favorite movies in the poll, and share your opinions.
I really enjoy all of his theatrical movies but to me above the law is one of the best action debuts ever. Out for Justice is a classic with some of his best fight scenes. Marked for Death is a slick movie with a great finale.
Above the Law, Out for Justice and …. Half Past Dead :confused: Above the Law is a no-brainer for me - it's the first time we see Seagal in the theater and it's a very good B movie. OFJ is a bit sprawling and Seagal tries too much to "act", but the action scenes are primo - IMO the pool hall fight is a classic. Anybody seen Richie???? HPD is simply a personal favorite, mostly because it's the last time I saw a Seagal film in a movie theater and I thought it was decent. Under Siege was pretty good, but I thought Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey chewed way to much scenery.