Foreigner.... seems good !!!


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I've seen the trailer, oh, I hope it can be a great movie !!!!


Seagal is in Japan, right ?? Someone told that is because he is making the Belly of the Beast, I think he will stay some more time there, because, isn't "The Yakuza" also gonna be made in Japan ?

Kisses for the ladies, High-Fives for the Gentlemen !!!

hehehehehe ;)


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I agree Rodrigo !! "The Foreigner" looks nice !!

But the most important than this for me Steven looks nice, handsome, and awesome !!


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The Foreigner looks real nice.....just a few days more then it will be out on DVD :)


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Hi Tora!
I know how it is...i live in Sweden, pretty close to Estonia so "The Foreigner" DVD will take its time to come to I think order a region 1 DVD from US.


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Well, I got The Foreigner, yipee! I cannot wait to watch it tonight....There were actually two other women in there, and you people just know I went in there really early! And we were all just clamoring for 'it' specifically...I was darn proud, but hey, I KNOW have good taste...Of course we had to discuss what a hottie he is...'Ohhh Steven baby, you're sooo fine!' ;)
But seriously I was very proud of Sensei, he is obviously very admired but hey, what can I say, we the fans have great taste...:D Seems they don't have too many DVD copies, though...But I think it's going to do very well overall, as far as the rentals go...:)

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Enjoy it for me:D I ordered it from Amazon, so I probably won't rent it. Couldn't have tonight anyway, got called into work. Wintertime is bad in a children's hospital

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I will BB Lady! Of course I am going to buy a copy, for myself!
I asked the girl at blockbuster, and unfortunately they aren't including it in connection with the rent it, like it, buy it offer...
So I am currently bidding on one on ebay, or I may just order it from amazon, or poor little kids, they must be lucky to have you caring for them...:)


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The Foreigner is my hands....!!!

Hi Lotus,

I just got back from the video store with my copy! I must
have looked goofy when I was leaving, with that ole' goofy smile on my face!!! lol......



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Originally posted by Lotussan
So I am currently bidding on one on ebay, or I may just order it from amazon, or poor little kids, they must be lucky to have you caring for them...:)

E-Bay??...if anything bid on a HPD Asian DVD if you don't want to wait till March.....but being that The Foreigner is officially released why bid?.most of the guys selling it on E-Bay are saying it won't be released till Feb 23rd I think....


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Sounds about right Tora..then one day you will wake up & ta-da..the video will be there!
It would be a real happiness to me...I keep waking up but where the heck is the video?