Foreignor to be released January 2003


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Hey Amos, old friend!! You're right on--I checked and they state January 28, 2003 release on VHS. The price--don't freak--is $103.00!! That's because, they say, it was MADE EXPRESSLY FOR VIDEO MARKET. 6 months, they also say, it goes to "UNDER $30!!!" All good things in time...

Amos Stevens

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Foreigner Expected Release Date U.S. : (Subject to change) 2003
Expected Release Date U.K. : (subject to change)
Expected Rental Release Date : (subject to change)

USA 28 January 2003 (video premiere)

(so to answer your question Metro dee...nope):(


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I guess I'm very curious to check The Foreigner out, since Terry Tab implies that it's HOTTER THAN BULLHEAD CITY, ARIZONA IN LATE JULY...

And yet, I'm confused, because if it has NO FIGHTING--AS T.T. says--then how can it be that great??? :confused: :confused:


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The Foriegner didnt have a whole lot of his usual fighting scenes in it. but it did have a lot of gunfights. But as a fan of SS I liked it no matter what. I would say this movie rates up there with ticker. I know its not the best film he has ever done but even without the fighting I think it was a good film. But thats only my opinion. You will have to watch it next month and make your own decision.