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Gene LeBell vs Seagal (the real story)


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I´m going to give you some details. Keep in mind that English is not my first language.

Steven Lambert wrote a book and told the truth between Seagal vs LeBell.

He said in his book that only 4 people witnessed what really happened at this particular day.

Seagal´s two bodyguards, Steven Lambert and then a stuntman by the name of Lincoln Simon. All other stories that 30 people witnessed it is absolutely false and bullshit.

First and foremost I can tell you that Seagal was never choked out by LeBell and he didn´t piss or shit in his pants either.

Here´s what happened: LeBell introduced himself to Seagal by saying it´s an honor to work with you. Keep in mind that it was during the making of "Out for Justice" in fall 1990. Seagal replied that he heard about LeBell´s skills as a tough guy.

They talked for a while and LeBell suggested that he would like to show Seagal a techniques, a hold. Seagal doubted the effectiveness and told Gene LeBell that he has kind of "six sense" to escape from every choke.

LeBell carefully put his arm around Seagal´s neck without hurting him because keep in mind it´s just a demonstration.

All of the sudden Seagal sidestepped, brought his arm in the air and hit LeBell in the crotch. LeBell reacted like nothing happened but fell on the ground.

Steven Lambert couldn´t believe that LeBell didn´t shout. He acted like nothing happened. LeBell was a tough guy, I can tell you.
LeBell still had his arm around Seagal´s neck and his legs behind him and pushed him 5feet in the air. Seagal landed like a potato sack on the ground, no mat nothing. He landed on the ground.

LeBell tried to help Seagal up and told him : Now I´m going to show you what you can do if somebody does that to you.

Seagal acted like nothing happened and LeBell did the same. Absolutely crazy!!!

The two bodyguards(huge guys) looked at Seagal but Seagal shook his head. That was supposed to mean that don´t attack Gene because that would mean that the two bodyguards would seriously get hurt by LeBell.

Steven Lambert(stuntman) couldn´t believe what a supposed demonstration would lead to. No hunch why Seagal suddenly hit LeBell in the crotch.

Lambert ran to stunt coordinator Conrad Palmisano and told him: Come fast, I think Seagal and LeBell gonna fight". Palmisano didn´t listen. Lambert repeated that 4times. Finally Palmisano told Lambert: Get Gene LeBell and should come to me.

That was it. There was no fight between the two. Lambert said if Seagal shit in his pants, then only on the toilet. If Seagal slept, then only at night and not because he was choked out.

3 weeks later rumors got around(movie and Stuntman community) that Seagal was choked out and shit in his pants. Lambert tried to tell the other stuntmen what really happened but they didn´t believe him. They loved LeBell so much that the other stuntmen´s were not interested in the truth.

Hope you enjoy the truth!!! You can read it online via "kindle" on Amazon.com as I did.

Lambert´s book is called: "From the streets of Brooklyn to ............"
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