Glimmerman on TNT

Amos Stevens

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It's currently on tv & I saw the part that recently we're discussing here where his partner went to speak to Jacks wife.I hadn't ever seen that part televised before.


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Yes Amos !! me too !! I remember that John Lucas put this part the old member board !! Did you see this clip ??


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I don't remember that part either, I don't remember seeing it on the video either. Thanks for bringing that up you guys! Happy New Year! (the year of the sheep)

Mama San

Hmmm!!!!! Wouldn't it be great if the "scenes" in the trailer for "Fire Down Below" would be put back into the movie!
The movie would not have seemed so "cut-up"! Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie, I just think it would have been better with the cut scenes put back where they belonged!
God bless,
Mama san

Amos Stevens

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Any more they seem to re-release movies-especially on tv, announcing footage never before seen.But that doesn't seem to happen on Seagal movies,maybe they don't want all that extra footage seen? who knows...


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Welcome Kathy.......

As far as I'm aware....The Glimmerman and Out For Justice are the only TV versions with added scenes.....
However if you watch the trailers'll catch a missing scene in Marked For Death, On Deadly Ground & Fire Down Below.....
I think the best one is where it shows Hatcher choping Monkey in the throat to kill him from the mall scene in Marked For Death.