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It's good to see you around these parts again on a regular basis. I hope your happy, healthy and in a positive state of mind.
What are you doing these days? Did you ever persue the P.D. job you were talking about a few years ago?
Stay safe my friend and God Bless you and your's.
Hey Rooster.

Good to see you too mate. I am indeed happy, healthy and of a positive frame of mind. I am currently working as a loss prevention manager for the music/dvd chain HMV - I believe there are a couple of HMV stores in the states? However, my long term goal is still the P.D. but you wouldn't believe how badly organised the application process is. To put it simply - I applied for a job with Merseyside (the county in which I live) Police over 7 months ago. I have heard nothing since then, but received a letter from them yesterday thanking me for my application, informing me that I had actually passed the application process, but telling me that unfortunately, due to an "overwhelming amount of applicants" the application process for this year has been suspended because there is no money left in the budget to train new police officers. My application form has been returned to me so I can send it off to a different Police force. So close, but yet so far, as they say. So - I am left with a dilemma - do I wait for the budget to increase and try again for Merseyside, or do I indeed send my application form to another force? I don't really want to apply outside of Merseyside, even if I apply to a Force that borders Merseyside (of which there are four), I could be posted anywhere up to 200 miles from my present location and the travel costs for something like that will be enormous. I say sh*t! Thanks for your concerns anyway dude. Good to hear from you.

Feel free to e-Mail me.


Mike (GlimmerMan)