Other Gotti & 6 take fall in Brooklyn !!!

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Gotti & 6 take fall in Brooklyn
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Peter Gotti followed in his brother John's Gucci-shod footsteps as head of the Gambino crime family, a Brooklyn federal jury found yesterday.

Another brother and a nephew of the late Dapper Don also were among the seven mobsters convicted yesterday of numerous crimes - including an attempt to extort $3 million from action film star Steven Seagal.

"What are you going to do? Gottis are easy to convict," Peter Gotti lamented before being led away from Brooklyn Federal Court by federal marshals.

"They got me," the 63-year-old former city garbageman added.

The verdict marked a big - and to some, unexpected - win for prosecutors, whose wide-ranging indictment focused on the Gambino crime family's control of waterfront rackets: gambling, loansharking and extortion.

Prosecutors even brought in Seagal as a key witness to show that the mob was trying to muscle in on the movie business.

Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Roslynn Mauskopf called yesterday a "historic day" in the government's efforts to break the mob's grip on the waterfront, and pronounced the Gambino crime family "in disarray."

"Their reign is over," said Capt. Kevin McGowan of the U.S. Waterfront Commission.

The jury found Peter's brother Richard V. Gotti, 61, and nephew Richard G. Gotti, 35, guilty of racketeering and money-laundering charges.

And it also returned guilty verdicts against Gambino capo Anthony (Sonny) Ciccone - the family's main man on the waterfront - and his crew members Jerome Brancato, Primo Cassarino and Richard (The Lump) Bondi.

Guarded opinion

Peter Gotti said federal marshals and prison guards thought he was going to be acquitted - an opinion shared by observers who noted Brooklyn Federal Judge Frederic Block's open disdain for the prosecutors and their case. But even after seven days of deliberations, Gotti knew otherwise.

"Not with a name like Gotti," he said. "These people [the prosecutors] ain't finished with me yet. They'll find a few more things for me."

He slammed prosecutors' "circumstantial case" - but quickly added, "I guess they did a better job."

"That pretty girl [Assistant U.S. Attorney Katya Jestin], a couple of young guys [prosecutors Rick Whelan and Andrew Genser] - I had no shot," Gotti griped.

"I had a bald-headed guy," he said, referring to his lawyer, Gerald Shargel.

Gotti faces between five and seven years in prison when he is sentenced by Block. No sentencing date was set.

Barring a successful appeal, Gotti will join John A. (Junior) Gotti - his nephew and predecessor as Gambino boss - behind bars. Originally published on March 18, 2003


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