Half Past Dead 20th Anniversary

Bklyn Bryan

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Half Past Dead (2002)
20th Anniversary

Wow! It will be 20 years this November 15th since HPD was released!!! Time flies! Still think it was a BIG mistake to try and make Seagal PG-13. Movie didn't do so well. The Expendables 3 didn't learn though and also tried PG-13. Thank goodness Expendables 4 is rated R.

Half Past Dead trailer


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It's a bit goofy and lame but it's watchable on some level I guess. Shame it was his last cinema release with him in the lead. I might get my dvd out and watch it next weekend with a few beers :)

dane dark

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I’ve always enjoyed this movie since it came out, sure it has its problems, and he could of ended his theatrical run on a higher note, but one thing this movie is not is boring, it’s very fast paced, energetic and action packed, I find this film to be a fun time, everytime