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Half Past Dead DVD release in France!

The DVD zone 2 of Half Past Dead has been released in France last Wednesday.
The DVD is very good. IT contains :
- The movie (french title : "Mission Alcatraz"
- Trailer
- Commentary by director Don Michael Paul
- Making-of
It was a pleasure to see again this film after the theaters release because it is a very good movie : good action, good actor (Steven is great), good director, very good soundtracks.

See You...........................


I Belong To Steven
Thanks Gun...

Half Past Dead is a good movie suziiii, yes!
My father is quite a big fan of this film, it seems
to be his second fave next to Under Seige 2...
I really, really like it a lot too...
Oooh, that's a big surprise, huh?
Heh, what else is new, eh?


I Belong To Steven
Wow, people check out those photos at the French site, ooh la la!
Especially that last very yummy one of Sascha! Oh my, what a man! ;)