Half Past Dead release in the Baltic region


Well,I suppose you guess what I'm interested in...That's when HPD is gonna be shown in the cinemas across the Baltics,including Estonia.Can anyone figure it out?If it's gonna be shown at all...I have strange suspicions about it.

Amos Stevens

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I'm afraid I haven't found any info on the movie being mentioned in Estonia...I'm sure with time it will get there!

According to the IMDB.com site:

Release dates for
Half Past Dead (2002)

Country Date
Philippines 4 January 2002
USA 15 November 2002
Australia 20 February 2003
Belgium 19 March 2003
Argentina 20 March 2003
Sweden 21 March 2003
Netherlands 24 April 2003
UK 9 May 2003
France 28 May 2003


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Dear Tora,

Have you a VCD player ?? If you, I will send you HPD but pirate VCD.. Believe me not bad !! OK !! I will look for HPD tomorrow !
I am waiting your answer..


No,unfortunately I have no VCD player.I've got only VHS.
Damn!I'm suffering.I want Seagal!Where's he?I'm gonna make much noise.Segal,come on here!!!!!


And what a hatefull silence on Half Past Dead if it's ever gonna come here!
I guess so too,Suzi.Though as far as I remember he's always on the go...so maybe he's now as usually...I'm also taking for granted that he should've had great winter vacation along with all the holidays...


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9th May 2003 in the UK! That's not good, so far off.

Hopefully i will get it on region 1 dvd before then. :D



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From Columbia:

October 3, 2000 Dear Customer: Columbia TriStar Home Video will be implementing a program to enhance the capabilities of the regional code specifications for DVD product beginning in October 2000. The Regional Code Enhancement affirms Columbia’s commitment to support regional coding, which was designed to respect and adhere to each country’s respective laws and policies governing ratings, censorship, release windows and rights for home video product. The enhancement will allow the Region 1 DVD disc to check the region code of the player ensuring that the player is a non-modified region 1 specific player. If the player has been modified to be region free, the Region 1 disc will display the following message:
"This disc is intended for play on non-modified Region 1 players only. There is nothing wrong with the disc. To assure playback you should purchase or rent a disc designed specifically for your region."

Please be assured that the Regional Code Enhancement technology will not affect the consistent high quality standard, set by Columbia TriStar Home Video, for audio and video on its DVD titles. We thank you for your support and understanding in our efforts to reaffirm our commitment to regional coding as both a theatrical and video organization.

Both Half Past Dead and The Foreigner are being released by Columbia Tri Star......be a good idea to make sure your region free players can get by the RCE if it's on it.....though there are some simple RCE work arounds for many players..


I heard from Lietus HPD has already started in Lithuania...Guess it means no HPD in Estonia at all.That makes me sick.


On 10th of January was a premiere of Half Past Dead in capital of Lithuania-Vilnius and second bigest city-Kaunas.
Then this movie will go to other citys.
Shows will take about month in all Lithuania.