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home page

HI Connie!

I have posted about your web site on the topic of Fans sites, so we haven't forgotten! Good luck with your site, even if I can't read it.
Hi i did nice up my home page.
I have to find a guestbook. and i have to put on some movie items about Aikido. But it will come soon.
I hope you all try too read dutch. I try too read englisch to.
Love you all my steven seagal frinds, and have a nice year.
I wanted to ask you somethink?
I want to work a view month in the usa. as a undertaker. Because you have an other kind of idees in funerals.
Can someone give me some hints or advice where i get some advice.



Staff member
Dear Connie
I visited your site today.. it looks nice thank you very much for your effort !! But I can not find you guestbook !!I found but not opened.. Do ypu know why ??