How many fightscenes in OOR????


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Flashgalaxy said:
Man!! Seagal's new films never get released here in Singapore... gotta order them from the US? Sigh... lol

Hey me to but it only takes about 5-10 days for them to get here so Im cool :cool: :cool: I allready preordered my copy!!!


I need to get it along with a DVD player then...Let's check whose birthday it's gonna be soon...My brother's on July 12...fine...I'll ask someone to make him such a gift and in exchange he won't mess with me on my birthday on September 24 :D
So what was the question,eh?How many fightscenes in that movie?I guess we all need to see it first and those who won't get distracted will count them :D


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Vern. You should be able to answer this question since you supposedly saw the movie. How many fight scenes are there in Out of Reach?