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How Many Hours Per Day Steven Meditate?

Hi, guys! I am novice at forum. I want ask, how many Steven meditate per day? I heard, about 2 hour at day and 2 hour at night. And I heard he training about 4 hours per day. Please tell.


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The most recent(and this was years ago) I wondered the same thing, after having 'earned' all the Hollywood/Worldly fame did he still find time to meditate. he did say in a video interview that he 'formally' meditated anywhere from 1-4 hours a day(depending on circumstances....what I mean is....in basic Christian following people tend to 'pray' more when the are in 'need' more ), but instead he now sees meditation as a constant on going process in life(how much he has adhered to this is unknown to me...usually one's actions reveal their 'state of spirit')
This is common to most people/students/sages/ etc of any 'spiritual following'...you will in time(varies from person to person) thru practice that you become 'one' with everything...so you see(
if I can use the term) 'god' in everyone and everything.....this is (to me) what the term 'enlightenment' means.
Not everyone can 'attain' it for some reason or another tho' is it there freely for everyone to obtain.
Living in a material based society makes it even harder to 'attain'...what some people term the struggle between good & evil/god & satan/ etc..you will see there is no definable straight line or border dividing the two and also elements of one or the other within the opposite....this is what the Ying Yang symbol represents. People/students in a 'removed from the worldly' find it easier and faster to 'attain' it ....this is a reason why there are temples/churches/monasteries....tho' they are not absolute necessary....depends on one's 'calling in life'....even people in prison or prolonged jail stays 'attain' it by making even their cells 'ashram' for meditating.
Your average day to day person talking their dog for a walk in the morning or evening is a form of meditation if you 'look at it properly'...:)
Sorry I got a bit carried anyway, but I saw neither of your questions were answered had some time and thought I would just share my view on it.
Very deep thoughts J.Lucas. I share opinion, that meditation is lifestyle. And you are right, enlightenment are extremely need. Thank you for detailed answer. Personally I meditate from 0,5 to 2-3 hours for day. Even not every day. Just for satisfaction. I look at the process of meditation as simple training. Thoughts training. Training of spirit. In meditation I think: "All is well. I feel good. I am determined to win." etc. And I noticed that all my dreams come true. I meditate more then 11 years, but only last 3 years- seriously. Most important thing in meditation is permanence. One and the same thought should be repeated for hours, days, years. Positive thought.