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How To Blow Up A Helicoptor(ayako's Story)


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How to Blow Up a Helicopter (Ayako's Story)


came across this when reading the Seagalogy epub...
mentioned a film that Ayako made(I think it was 2009)
about a visit to see her father in Canada, I guess the idea is
that you're not supposed to know who she is....and then surprise...
she's Steven Seagal's daughter.

it's a short 14mt film directed by Michel Gondry...
(she starred in his film 'Tokyo")
took awhile to track it down on-line, but found the download
for it after reading that it was an 'extra' on a Michel Gondry DVD compilation.
I just recorded it off the DVD and put it up on youtube.
I've never saw it before(never even knew about it)
so even tho' it's old maybe some would like to see it.
I haven't been able to find anything more about it...
like why was she in the US to begin with, what happened after the visit.
it's not listed in her movie listing on IMDB. The director seems to make
a bunch of 'odd' videos.

the DVD menu itself is like a old video game, that you have to navigate
a dog to find what what video you what to watch..
it took a few paths that lead to another screen to even find Ayako's film.
Then when you find something to watch, hit enter and the dog takes a
crap or starts humping another dog.....kinda strange DVD.
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