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I am Here !!

I LOVE this board!! It's all nice and bright, and looks exactly like the Jackie Chan M.B. I was on that one for a month, when the old Seagal site disappeared. I even tried using my old screen name here but could not, so I'll remain METROdee. (Though I still wish to change!!--Any advice??)
Well I will hide my head now..hadn't seen these postings until AFTER I posted under the introduce yourself topic.Oops.

Cman; I think Craig mentioned wanting to have his web site & the forum all together,so that is why the move!

Mama San

Right you are, Amos!
Craig thought if he could get everything together in one place,
it would be a lot easier for all the members!
He still has some work to do but, all in all, I think he has done a great job!!
Thank you so very much Craig! You have done wonders!!!
God bless,
Mama san
Yes Criag has done a great job here.. This is much faster then the other board and I can stay on aol to post now too LOL,thats helps alot LOL..