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I have a problem

sorry to be a bother but it seems like every time I turn to a new page the web sight keeps booting me out, If you could fix It would be apperciated

Love Always

Red Rose
Maybe it's never mind it seems to be working now , the only reason why I put it down the same thing happend to me the last time I was here

Love Always

Red Rose

Mystery Mom

Queen of the Mist
Red Rose

Try clearing your browser - the thing you use to get on the internet with - If you are using Internet Explorer go to tools and you will find a means of deleting browsing history, cookies, etc.

If you are using Fiirefox or mozilla The same means may be used by looking under tools.

Mostly you need to clear the cache in order to free your computer to accept new data.
Vague, I know maybe someone else can explain better