I Watched "a Good Man" Yesterfay And It Was Terrible


I have just watched "A good Man" in TV (I don't buy Seagal'S DTV movies anymore, I know that they are bad).

What I can say? I'm a big fan of Mr Seagal, I have all his good mobies (from Above the Law to Exit Wounds) in VHS or DVD; I have also some of his DTV movies in B-ray; I have appreciated to see him in Machete but now I'm done.

A good man is so bad, the actors are bad (Seagal too), the story is so confusing and anyway stupid, the fight scenes are ridiculous, overall the movie is boring because there are few action scenes and has no rythm...and the directing of Waxman is a diseaster.

Mr Seagal, stop working with Waxman!