Interview 'On Deadly Ground' 1994 on Letterman


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That's probably the best and most humane interview I've ever seen of him.

He has the right amount of self deprecating humour, aloofness and he's relaxed and charming but still with a hint of that ego and arrogance.

Too bad he couldn't keep up with that persona.

Watching him in later years it's like a completely different person, hell even before this when he first came out he was a bit insufferable.

Nowadays he's beyond a caricature.

Forrest Taft

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My favourite interview of Seagal. He's smiling, warm and a genuinely nice guy.

On Deadly Ground is one of my favourites, certainly didn't deserve the flack it got when released.


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Only thing I want to know Why there is no record For ODG’s overseas box office records.I mean Seagal was really big star in1994 not possible to hit theathers at overseas