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Into the Sun


Hush...this movie changes so many times before it gets started...Hope it won't change that often after they start shooting it...otherwise we'll never be able to see it or at least we'll have to wait too long...
Hey,I suddenly get the picture!It used to be John and now it's Travis.Remember we had a discussion here that John was a too frequent name in his movies...so Steven thought a little and decided to change it...Folks,do you have a clue he's spying on us?:D


I Belong To Steven
:D hehehe, Tora...
Maybe so, huh?
Oooooooooh, the man himself, and he's sitting there taking our advice...
He's a mystery and I like it...
But he's still too "Out Of Reach."
Hey, Steven baby, are you teasing us with that title? :D
I know he's a big cynic....:D

Ah well, maybe he might someday, eh?
We can hope and dream, can't we girls?
And I do...
Oh, I do, do, do...;)



Staff member
Warner Bross distrubuter is not bad !!

"Seagal will be paid $4 million for his role."

Seagal will pay to whom $4 million?? To warner or ... ??

I couldn't understand here ?? :D


I Belong To Steven
Dearest suzi,

This means Steven will get 4 million for his paycheck...
This is the amount he will get, not what he will be paying...
I hope I am helping you to understand this now, my sweet friend...:)