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It´s confirmed! Seagal really met Bruce Lee before Lee´s death

I´m in touch with Ron Balicki (the father of his wife is Daniel Inosanto). He told me on facebook that Seagal really met Bruce Lee at James Coburn´s house.

A lot of internet freaks said (e.g. on YouTube) that Seagal is a liar and that he hasn´t met Bruce Lee but they´re wrong.

Here´s the conservation between me and Ron Balicki on facebook. He also told me again that Gene LeBell is a liar and he didn´t choke out Seagal on the "Out for Justice" movie set and that he has video material to proof it.

But read for yourself:

It's amazing how the media has always been so anti Seagal. I've never seen more false allegations and crazy fake stories against any other actors.