Just Received "Half Past Dead" On Region 1 DVD


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I have just received "Half Past Dead" on region one DVD from Future Entertainment. I orderd it as the only way I was able to watch it prior to this was on a badly pirated VHS tape, which seemed to be originally sourced from a hand-held camera inside a cinema showing the movie. I think this affected my overall view of the movie. However, on a proper region one disc I quite enjoyed it, even though it is far from his best and his fight scenes are not terribly good. I thought Ja Rule really added something to the film and had good rapport with Seagal, I would even say that he is the best rapper turned actor Seagal has worked with. Although the film does rely too much on editing gimmicks and flashy camera work (probably the fault of first time director Don Michael Paul) it is still a reasonably entertaining watch.

I still think "The Foreigner" is better, and it should have got a theatrical release rather than "Half Past Dead".




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I really liked Half Past Dead, it was Steven being Steven again. The Foreigner was a bad movie because it was too complicated a plot and there wasnt enough Seagal in it. He shouild stick to what he does best. I bought HPD but I passed on TF.
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I must say that although "Half Past Dead" had many short comings if I had to release that or "The Foreigner" in cinemas I would have picked HPD. Better quality movie, better storyline, good soundtrack, some decent direction. "The Foreigner" was hard to follow, had some rather piss poor direction, perhaps the only saving grace was the music but that wasn't enough.


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I liked them both...I liked Saschas character a lot, he was a rough toughie and there's something about that prison garb....;)
Jonathan was also very charming, and a bit quiet, a bit of a thinker, which is kind of like the real deal I imagine...:)


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I can see why a lot of people criticise The Foreigner. It had a harder to follow plot than most of Seagal's other films and it did contain some plot holes. A couple of examples.

* One minute there is a receptionist gunned down in the hotel. The next day another one is working there as if nothing had happened, no questions asked or safety precautions taken.

* When Dunois goes to shoot Seagal with the unloaded gun, why does Seagal not just shoot him in the head instead of shooting in the mid-section. He knew how tricky and slippery he was.

Apart from that I liked it and thought it deserved a theatrical release. Lets face it "Half Past Dead" was very derivitive and I felt "The Foreigner" had a decent plot, you did'nt really know always who were the real villains, Seagal acted fairly well in it and Max Ryan is one of the more memorable baddies from a Seagal film. Just my opinion.

I also noticed that "Half Past Dead" is to get a region 2 release in the U.K shortly. I am still glad I got the region 1 disc because I notice it has a surprising amount of special features for a Seagal DVD. Here is a list of the features.

* Widescreen and fullscreen presentation
* Digitally mastered audio and anamorphic video
* Audio commentary with director Don Michael Paul
* Deleted scenes
* Cinemax special: On the set of Half Past Dead
* Theatrical trailers

That is a fair lot of extras when you consider his region one discs usually only get trailers and his region 2 discs generally have f*ck all but subtitles.

A raw deal would'nt you say?