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Katherine Heigl Talking About Seagal (jimmy Kimmel)

Discussion in 'General' started by Seagal1969, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Seagal1969

    Seagal1969 Active Member

    Hilarious. A typical Seagal story.
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  2. Seagal1969

    Seagal1969 Active Member


    Katherine Heigl was on radio on the Jenny McCarthy Show. They both have something in common. They both were sexually molested by Seagal on the "Under Siege 2" set-McCarthy at an audition and Heigl during the shoot..

    Seagal is on the News right now bccause a now female Journalist was also sexually molested on the "Fire Down Below" movie set. Actually she was supposed to Play the female part who went to Marg Helgenberger.

    After she denied Seagal´s approaches, she lost the part to Helgenberger.
  3. J.Lucas

    J.Lucas Active Member

    What channel and country....maybe it's on Youtube...
    Personally ....with Seagals' total disrespect for females, I'm surprised he has any female fans.
    His disrespect goes back to even before he was known...
  4. Seagal1969

    Seagal1969 Active Member

    I love the guys first 5 movies. At the time he was my favorite action star. It´s sad what he became(as a human being+how he looks and we mustn´t forget that he was already overweighted in "Under Siege 2").

    Moreover, he lied permanently in his life. He claimed he knew Bruce Lee personally where everybody knows that that is not possible.

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