Living A Life Of Love ~From The Heart Of Stacey Denise Cox~

A Ray Of Light, In The Night, Does Captivate Me With The Moon Light...
And Lifts Me Up Into The Passion Of Life...Living Free, Where It Does Carry Me...
No More To Be Bound By The Oppression Of Restrictions And Restraints...
Only Free To Pursue My Destiny That I Choose To Let It Make.

Honor Comes From The Choices We Make;
To Walk In Love, On The Roads We Take.
Will The Things We Say Or The Things We Do,
Bring Love And Life, In The Dreams We Pursue.
I Know That As I Walk In Love, It Will Bring Honor And Joy;
That NOTHING Can Stop Or Ever Destroy.
That Is True Honor That I Choose To Deploy.

Living A Life Of Love, Will Cause Our Hearts To Rise Above The Storms Of Life;
To Soar So Freely And Always Take Flight.
I Choose To Walk In The Life Of Loves Pure Light;
For Always, To Me, That's The Pathway That's Right.

Journey On Throuh Life And Let True Love Find You...
Rest In The Beauty Of Each Day...Embrace The GOOD In Life,
To See And Feel True Love.
Then Walk In And Live In That True Love, To Be Fulfilled...
Never Stop Dreaming, Pursuing Your Dreams With All Your Heart.
Have Hope And Never Give Up;
For Your Dreams Will Come True,
If Love, You Pursue.

What A Beautiful Day, To Realize Truth And Be Free...
Being Free To Flow In The Lifht Of Love
And The Joy Of Living A Life Of Lofe,
So Free.

Wtitten By: Stacey Denise Cox