Long time Fan, Looking for Newer Film Recommendations


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There's probably a thread on here about it, but I just joined and don't know where exactly to look. I've seen all the classic ones that came out when I was a kid - Above the Law, Hard to Kill, Fire Down Below (I love the names of Seagal movies) - as well as some of his later films. However, the guy has been in what seems to be one thousand plus movies at this point, and I would appreciate some recommendations on what films: whatever you folks think are the best of his later movies.

I generally like the action movies he's in, though I appreciate a bit of drama. I really liked the film (I forget the name of it) where he is an alternative medicine doctor, lives in a rural town (Montana?) and has to deal with a plague outbreak and a nutty militia at the same time. There were themes and dialogue in it, such as, "There's no law against playing army", that I wouldn't expect from more typical action movies.

I would also be interested in watching a documentary or similar film about Seagal - I saw one many years ago with some of his Aikido training footage, but that's about it.