Maximum Conviction


I am actually a true fan of Seagal and have seen all of his movies and tv series.


Just when I thought things couldn't get worse this movie surfaces. This awful film is not all Seagal's fault. His co-star Steve Austin makes Dr. Phil look like Laurence Olivier. He simply can't act and deliver a line with any conviction. He literally sounds like he's reading cue cards off camera and he doesn't know how to read!

Seagal has entered his 60's and it shows. He is heavy and cumberson and moves with all the speed of a giant tree sloth, There are no real fight scences here and what purports to be them is with us looking at them through a poor security monitor. Seagal is huge and there is no pretence of his moving quickly and little pretense of his moving at all.

It's all sad. It appears it is too late in life for him to loose any of those pounds and his face shows the ravages of age that ultimately haunts most of us.

Instead of watching this terrible movie go back and re-watch the Seagal we love in films such as Underseige and Niko: Above the Law. Seagal was in shap, cared about what he was doing and involved in movies with reasonable production values.

The end of this film seemed to imply there might be a sequel. Forget it. Seagal's character in the film is not particularly likeable and Steve Austin acting is down right laughable.

As I wrote before . . it's all sad for those of us who like Seagal.


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Came across a brief transcribed interview with Seagal promoting the theatrical release of "Maximum Conviction" in Philippines.. I linked it here because it is only brief and doesn't cover anything new.. talks about teaming up with Steve Austin as a co-star, his feelings about special forces and police in contrast with government/s, favourite action scenes from his films etc.