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Mira Seagal - 15 minute interview with Howard Stern

funny stern

that mira is a wacko ... i think she should be institionalized
i don't get how she's allowed to drive a cab (or anything else for that matter)
i would've liked to be one of the callers to call in


Die Hard Seagal fan!
What a terrible interview is this!!! I have never seen so bad interview as this...

And that Mira is so unrealiable as can be... It don't believe a single word about what see says in this interview!!!
That ****ing Mira is psychic. Did she really think that anyone would beleve that she ben lockt up in his basement or ben maried to Mr Seagal !?

Mystery Mom

Queen of the Mist
Don't worry you didn't..

Miss much.
It's about 15-20 minutes of a nut case rambling on about being Mrs. Steven Seagal and a few other loony tunes things.

Not worth your time or the download.