Most frequent Seagal co-star

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Who has been in the most Seagal movies (besides Seagal of course).

It must surely now be a guy called Claudiu Bleont holding the record at 6 - Against the Dark, Born to Raise Hell, A Good Man, Mercenary Absolution, End of a Gun and Killing Salazar.

Other contenders:

Vinnie Jones (3) - Submerged, Mercenary Absolution, Gutshot Straight
Dale Dye (3) - Under Siege, Under Siege 2, Sniper Special Ops
Bryon Mann (4) - Belly of the Beast, A Dangerous Man, True Justice, Mercenary Absolution
Danny Trejo (3) - Marked for Death, Urban Justice, Machete
Robert Apisa (3) - Under Siege 2, Executive Decision, The Glimmer Man
Nick Mancuso (3) - Under Siege, Under Siege 2, Today You Die
Norm Compton (3) - Under Siege 2, Urban Justice, Black Dawn
Michael Jai White (3) - On Deadly Ground, Exit Wounds, Asian Connection

Have probably forgotten some.


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Was Michael Jai White in On Deadly Ground??? Was he a henchman maybe?

Forrest Taft

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He's in the bar fight at the start. He's visible at a table when the fight starts up and gets knocked to the ground when another guy is flipped through the air. Think he may be credited as just Michael White in the stunts.