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My Foreignor Review

Well just finished watching it..I was able to keep up with all the traveling & who is who.A little too many characters for an action movie.
I would have prefered to do away with the fast button whenever there was action-wasn't necessary.
For those of you who haven't seen this yet-I would compare his character in Executive Decision-if he had lived-to his character in The Foreignor.

Just finished watching the movie and I think you're right. His character does seem a lot like the one from Executive Decision. I liked this one much better than Half Past Dead (No rap music:D :D ). There was a lot more intrigue and twists than normal. Kind of like EW where you don't really know til close to the end who is the bad guy. Kind of nice that they attempted a family relationship. The only thing I didn't care for was that it just seemed to stop. Next thing you see, he is reading the letter.

BB Lady
I will watch the movie tomorrow when I have more suitable time
But hardly waiting for the time to watch it. But will keep in mind the things you have mentioned.


I'll keep on waiting twice as hard as I always had to...Any chances?Or the way straight to the monastery?I can't refuse Steven no way.