New movie The Legend of Johnny Jones


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Knew it was too good to believe. What a joke. Meh, it'll be a load of cheap crap anyway, of that I have no doubt. Well, maybe Seagal will make a new movie some day but I can't see one happening for a long time...


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So it seems this was always nonsense. The people behind Angry Troll studios (Matt Clark en Tesha Clark) are scammers.
Multiple people are bringing a case against them.
They run a scam trying to get investors in the BS “movies”. They claim to have famous people connected to them, but it’s all fake. They’ve stolen thousands and owe thousands more.

It’s a smoke screen to get investors interested. They added some somewhat famous people onto IMDb and every year they say it’s greenlit along with “STZ” and others. Matt has also been arrested and jailed for fraud on a separate issue.

Their social media accounts are alle gone. It looks like they are on the run.

For more info: