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New Scoop.

Good Evening ladies and gent's.
I have a few question's for the good folks here.
Has CubanFan ever showed up again? It's been about a year or so since I have heard from him.
I saw something disturbing on the News tonight but did not get all of the segment. So, If anyone can help or knows anything about the story please share here.
I heard that Bin Laden and his fellow stooges are about to launch something to attack our inboxes. So, I am assuming they are about to make the internet a target to hit. That really blows. Especially, because it is very difficult to trace thing's that take place on the net. The FBI and other large investigative bodies have improved there internet sphere but it is still lacking compared to other form's of investigation's they have to take part in. So, again if you know something in regards to this, please share here.

Thank you everybody.
God Bless.