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Hi All,

A Good Man is not a bad film, but then again, it is not a good one either.

There are things to like about this movie. Keonie Waxman obviously kept The editor in check and the camera man from doing the stop start editing techniques used in other Seagal films that look like poorly cranked cameras from the silent era.

The film is well edited and shows some concern in post production issues such as sound and dubbing. The actual camera work is quite effective and this was after watching the film twice.

Acting honors go to Victor Webster as Sasha and Tzi Ma as Chen. Webster is charismatic and his fight scenes are well choreographed, edited and executed. Ma tries to make a two dimensional character in Chen have some complexity. They carry the film.

The plot doesn’t make much sense, but Seagal as Alexander is the head of an elite team out to get Chen who is an Islamic fundamentalist who is an arms dealer and who Seagal is out to terminate.

This is a prequel to Force of Execution and Seagal reprises the Alexander role.

This brings us to Seagal. He has entered his 60’s and none too gracefully. He is heavy lidded, husky talking and grossly overweight. His hair is jet black and looks like it was supplemented by that ‘hair in a can’ stuff. His beard is also jet black and, except for this thick jowls and bulbous nose, it seemed be an attempt to hide the fact our Steven is well indeed on the path to being an old man.

His clothes are designed to try and fool us into thinking he is not an awkward fat man moving in slow motion in his ‘action scenes’.

In this film it is Webster who does all the having lifting in the fight department with Seagal only having a couple of quick fights.
By the way, I have never understood why his opponents always run toward him when they fight him. One look at chubby Seagal in his bulky leather jacket and track suit pants and you’d realise all you need to do is ‘float like a butterfly and sting like a bee’. (Seagal no longer looks like the Heavyweight Champion of Aikido. He looks more like the Heavyweight of KFC.) If his adversaries would make him chase them he would either suffer a massive coronary or fall over his own clumsy feet and knock himself out.

Seagal in crack military team? He’d be more effective at the next World Hot Dog Eating Competition.

I watched A Good Man twice and enjoyed it. The fact that, in the end, when he waddles off with a woman half his age, we are left wondering why she bothers with him? Perhaps she thinks he can get her Vladimir Putin’s autograph.