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New Seagal Film - Path Of Redemption (2016)

This seems to be a complete fake to me, including an entry of social media. The production company alone has just this movie on their list + no news from Seagal's team about it.

I wouldn't trust it.


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On a other website it says

After the murder of his parents, Adriano is raised by a yakuza inspired gang, called the Toshi o Moyasu. He is then forced out of the Toshi o Moyasu by some rogues of the association. On the grind to discover who wanted him dead, he receives help from two delinquents who have also had run-ins with the same organization. Adriano must figure out a way to go on to tie loose ends with the people he once called family and continue onto finding his true family's killer.

Main Cast

Steven Seagal Lead
Gal Gadot Lead
Jamie Gomez Lead

it also has budget of 8M

The one thing I find Strange is that the director/Producers who have never made or been involved in Movies before being given an 8M budget

That said Gal Gadot is playing Wonder Woman so this film may get some promotion


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I have done some more researching and the site I get the above info from is a crowdfunding site so my guess is this film wont happen although the plot sounds interesting.....I would think theres more chance of him making Cypher especially now that hes just had a film get limited release with lions gate


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Don't know if this is legit, but I do remember that Waxman and Seagal wanted to make a movie which has something to do with The yakuza and Tokyo. Maybe they both wrote the story and trying to get it off by crowdfunding....