New Waxman Movie - Non Seagal


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HOLLYWOOD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2015 / Mass Hysteria Entertainment Company, Inc. (OTC: MHYS) announced today it has acquired the rights to the motion picture screenplay, End of a Gun, written by former ATF Agent, Chuck Hustmyre, whose most recent film, House of the Rising Sun, starred Guardian of the Galaxy’s Dave Bautista.

End of a Gun is the story about a mall security guard, a former federal agent, who crosses paths with a drug kingpin’s enforcer after he saves a woman’s life. Action director, Keoni Waxman, has been set to direct. Keoni’s recent films include, Force of Execution starring Steven Seagal, Ving Rhames and Danny Trejo, and Maximun Conviction starring Steve Austin and Steven Seagal.

“Keoni was our first choice to helm End of a Gun. He’s a director whose career I admire and have followed closely and I am very excited that he has agreed to direct,” said Daniel Grodnik, CEO of Mass Hysteria. “We love the action genre and this would mark our third action film in a row after Daughter of God, starring Keanu Reeves and BUS 657 starring Robert DeNiro. We are in talks with Grindstone Entertainment to pick up the North American rights and currently have an offer out to major star. Subject to cast availability, we are hoping to begin principal photography in May.”

“The script reminded me of a classic Steve McQueen movie,” said Keoni. ” I was drawn to this film because the lead character of Decker is a pure American hero; a man who lives by his own moral compass. I look forward to creating an edgy noir thriller and working with Dan.”


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They have an offer out to a major star. Hmm...wich dtv action star would end up playing the lead? Curious about this....


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Be nice to see Waxman step out of Seagal's rather large shadow after so long and remind us what he can do when he works with another action star.