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Other News Article-Nasso wins around


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By Richard Johnson

JULES Nasso has won another round in his legal battle against former partner Steven Seagal (news), who tried to get Nasso's breach-of-contract suit against him thrown out of court. Staten Island Supreme Court Judge Joseph Maltese ruled for Nasso while taking a swipe at Nasso's lawyer, Robert Hantman. "Although not the most artfully drawn and understandable pleadings ever read by this court, they do make out a meritorious claim if all the allegations are proven true," the judge ruled. Nasso, who produced Seagal's biggest hits, claims the star reneged on a contract to make more movies. It was the second time Seagal tried to get the case tossed.
I don't understand how this little mafia man can win anything. He lived off Mr. Seagal for years without really doing anything concret.