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Old Seagal Article: Electric Bike.

(This is an old article not sure if anyone posted it, if so please remove)


Mystical Hollywood martial arts and tough-guy action hero Steven Seagal puts his money where his mouth is. Paul Markham of Thailand-based Ecobrand Exim International - EV entrepreneur and distributor of the Harrier all-terrain ebike(based on the Ecolux Tornado - see below) confirmed that the actor and Zen-devotee recently paid a visit to Exim's offices in Bangyai, where he placed an order for various electric vehicles (bikes and scooters) for his 30,000 acre California ranch.

Paul Markham writes: "I'm just sending you some photos taken with Steven Seagal recently while he was in Thailand. I first met Seagal last year by accident at the Bangkok Motor Show Gala Dinner (plus Miss Motor Show Competition Beauty Contest!) and he was impressed by my environmental cause here and commitment to evehicles etc."

"I was one of the few foreigners there and Steven walked past my table and asked what I did in Thailand. I answered that we assemble and market electric bicycles and vehicle concepts here and he said (quote): "You are a man after my own heart - an environmentalist" (Zen-vironmentalist? EVUK Ed.) - and asked me to go to the Sheraton Hotel the next week and sit down and discuss my work and his beliefs regarding the environment etc. We had several meetings as he was filming his latest movie 'Belly of the Beast' in Thailand at the time.

He bought several evehicles/escooters from us f

or his 30,000 acre ranch in Siskiyou California and has offered to be put up on our website supporting our aims etc. and wants to help market the concept around the world.

He also bought some of my Terrano twin-motor e'scooters and has asked me to develop a large electric ATV which could seat maybe two and carry animal feed etc behind on a rack. (EVUK Ed: like the hunky but expensive Dunel electric ATV?)

We are fans of Seagal's eco action movie 'On Deadly Ground' - a film in which Seagal pulls no punches as he hits home one of the film's key messages: namely, that the world's carmakers, media and governments remain disastrously ICE-& oil-rigged and appear to do everything in their collective power to stifle public interest in viable ZEV's.

When Solar Navigator conquers the world on solar power, and considering his role in 'Under Siege' we think Steven Seagal would make an excellent skipper. Storms, what storms? We pity any pirates he meets along the way. Why not check out the film rights.

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Promising European Initiative, the E-Tour Project encourages car drivers from Rotterdam to Mykonos to leave I.C.E car at home and commute to work on electric bikes and scooters.

10 European cities and islands are involved in the scheme to encourage car drivers in urban areas to leave their car at home and buy or hire an electric scooter/electric bike to reduce noise levels and traffic/lung congestion.

In Barcelona, Stockholm, Rome, Capri and Mykonos the emphasis lies on demonstrating the advantages of fully-motorised electric scooters/mopeds whilst in cities with a well established bicycle culture, namely Rotterdam, Basel, Brussels, Mendrisio and Erlangen the emphasis is on promoting the advantages of power-assisted bicycles and further increasing bicycle use.

Rome boasts the biggest electric scooter rental service in the world with an impressive 400 electric scooters available for rental. Unfortunately at the moment only the lead acid rather than the new improved Ni-Zn 40-50 km per charge Lepton scooter is rentable. Grants are also provided by the capital to assist with the purchase of a new electric scooter substantially reducing the cost by approximately 50%.