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Out For A Kill or The Foreignor?


I Belong To Steven
Ooh, a little romance, eh?
I say HPD was very cool!
And he was a very good sword fighter in OFAK!
And just something about his character
in the Foreigner I really liked, probably
the mystery and the worldliness!
BOTB and HPD, hmmmm....
Close, so very close...
I just can't choose!
"I won't..." :D

Out for a Kill by far!
if Foreigner had Seagal actually doing some martial arts (instead of pushing people) then Foreigner would be better (and that actor who played Seagal's kidnapper was not casted well in my opinion, that whole scene was too strange, but I enjoyed him being blown up by Seagal)


Lost without you
I think both The Foreigner and Out for a Kill were good movies in their own way. I think "the heavy smoker" in Foreigner should have died sooner that he did though. In Out for a Kill, I didn't like the storytelling to much, it gave a certain distance, like you couldn't get close to the characters.

One other thing, they should pay more attention to changing Seagal wardrobe, in the barbershop scene in Out for a Kill, he walks in wearing a red shirt, bluejeans and beige boots, when he sits down in the chair, he has changed his boots and after the fight, when he enters the cafe, he has changed his shirt, it is now green and his pants are brown, don't know about his boots at this time, but when he gets up from the table after talking to Tommie and enters the back room, his boots are beige again.

We do pay attention you know.



I Belong To Steven
Yes he's very special, no other like him...He's just so much man, I can't get enough of him...:)
Every movie is good in it's own way, and he's a bit of a chameleon, I like that...:)
I like Out for a Kill more than Foreigner
Foreigner was very boring
Steven just Shot people
Out for A Kill got sum cool action scenes like
that fight in the Barber Shop
And when he threw the katana and it cut the mafia boss head!! :rolleyes:

lee nicholson

Well-Known Member
THE FOREIGNER was the better movie, not much fighting, but at least it had a (confusing) plot. If THE FOREIGNER had OUT FOR A KILL's violence then it might have been a very good movie. It read like 'RONIN' on paper, now there's a good movie that SEAGAL could have starred in. Either way, i just hope SEAGAL doesn't make any more movies with OBLIWITZ (please!!!)


yeah Ronin, and now you know that Seagal can drive
just picture him behind the wheel of an M5; wow you have power behind the wheel of 300 horses of power!

I heard that there were speculations about the release of the sequel to Ronin. Anyone heard anything of the possibility of Ronin2? I wonder what's in that suitcase ... and I want to see more of those incredible car chases ... perhaps Seagal in a Ferrari ... lol