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Paid On Death (2018) - Steven Seagal


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A new Seagal movie popped up from production company The Exchange ( End of a Gun)

Director: Shawn Sourgose (Blood of Redemption, Premonitions)

Producer: Kevin Carraway (7 Below, Chain of Command)

Synopsis: A man known only by his alias, ‘Assassin,’ works as a hired killer for the U.S. government, terminating individuals deemed too dangerous for society. When he becomes a target, he must discover who placed a hit on him before it’s too late. He tracks the source of the hit to Dodge City, a town overrun by thugs and dirty cops alike. There he takes the bad guys to task in an attempt to stop future hits and save the families of Dodge caught in the crossfire.

lee nicholson

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Although it does look like so many other 'projects' that have sadly bit the dust (in terms of the artwork featuring a clean shaven Seagal....which looks like a still from BTRH?)
As long as it's not another movie featuring Seagal (decked out in combat gear) taking out the bad guys from 5 miles away, with a high powered rifle.....then it might be an OK movie. It'd be nice to see Seagal interact with large groups of people, get up close and personal......and *then* snap their limbs?

One can only hope? :)
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