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Personal precaution suggestion for the good folks here.

"Identity Theft & How to Avoid Being a Victim" WWW.consumer.gov/idtheft
Toll-free phone # 1-877-IDTHEFT.
Take your social security card out of your wallet and put it in a secure place in your home.
Make copies of everything in you wallet in case it gets stolen. And if it is stolen, notify all credit card companies and the sheriff's dept.
Shred all offers for a free credit card.
Shred any mail that may have account numbers or credit card # on it.
Don't put your garbage out the night before pick up, as thieves can take it and get info from it. In most states this is not illegal either if the garbage is stored for pickup in it's normal place for the trash colelctor's to retrieve it.
Have your box of new checks sent to your bank and pick them up there. Thieves often take them from mail boxes.
If you check out of a motel or hotel, take that card key with you and when you get home, run a magnet over the black bar on the back of it. If you leave it in the room, anyone can take it, and get your credit card # from it.
Purchase a confetti type shredder. Thieves are taping together the strips of the conventional shredders.
You may be aware of all the above, but I'm sending this out. just in case you did not know these precautions.

Any questions? If so, ask away and I'll do my best to help you out here as much as I can.
well, thats good but its always good to keep up to date with the precautions whereas unfortunately even the crooks sometimes get smarter too


Thanks, Mr. Rooster. Some pretty good common sense tips there. I do have a shredder and shred everything.

I didn't know that about the hotel/motel card keys, though. That's a great piece of advice. Thanks! :)

Mama San

Thank you, Tim, for reminding us.
Everyone needs to be reminded at times.
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"!!!!
God bless,
Mama san