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Potters Clay
"Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled"
~ Helen Steiner Rice

"Whenever I am troubled and lost in deep despair'
I bundle all my troubles up and go to God in prayer.
I tell Him I am heartsick and lost and lonely too,
That my mind is deeply burdened and I don't know what to do.

But I know He stilled the tempest and calmed the angry sea
And I humbly ask if in His love he'll do the same for me.
And then I just keep QUIET and think only thoughts of PEACE
And if I abide in STILLNESS, my "restless murmurings" cease.

"God Are You There?"
~ Helen Steiner Rice

I'm way down HERE! You're way up THERE!
Are you sure You can hear my faint, faltering prayer?
For I'm so unsure of just how to pray
To tell You the truth, God, I don't know what to say....

I just know I am lonely and vaguely disturbed,
Bewildered and restless, confused and perturbed...
And they tell me that prayer helps to quiet the mind
And to unburden the heart for it stillness we find
A newborn assurance that SOMEONE DOES CARE
And SOMEONE DOES ANSWER each small sincere prayer!